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Student Accomplishments


  • Coached several students to compete at the FEI junior championships, and Y.R. championships both in dressage and eventing.

  • Many students have competed and won at the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society (RMDS) and United States Dressage Federation (USDF) regional championships and

  • Students also continue to win year end awards from USDF, RMDS and other U.S. recognized Dressage Societies 

Recent Student Highlights​

  • 2021 (student Jan Tracy, riding Daisy) Bronze medal and first scores towards her Silver medal.

  • 2021 (student Rebecca Vasil, riding Monte a rescue with a rough past) won both their classes and plans to qualify for Regional finals after receiving her first qualifying score. Monte's 2nd show ever!

  • 2021 (student Brittany Coveyou, riding Caspar) 5 yo placed in the first show of the season.

  • 2021 (student Kristin McCarty, riding Borealis owned by Jana Pursley) Bori's first show ever at Nighthawk and in the rain.  He was so fabulous that they will be showing at Dressage at Estes.

  • 2017  (student Kyra Shine, riding Alaric) silver medal and High-Point FEI rider at Houston Dressage Society (HDS) show

  • 2016 (student Kyra Shine, riding Alaric) bronze medal HDS show

  • 2016 (student Kyra Shine, riding Alaric) Qualified and competed at Adequan North American Young Rider Championship, Region 9.

  • 2015 Rocky Mountain Dressage Society (RMDS) AA PSG champion at the RMDS finals and Reserve champion HOY at PSG for the year (student Kristin McCarty, riding Vern).

  • 2015 Res. Champion AA third level champion and the year-end champion for RMDS (student Melissa Thomas, riding Mandalay).

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